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Nurturing Hands


Promoting and encouraging a wholistic approach to the growth and development of our babies and children through Bible based and educational resources, Sabbath School, and parent and youth groups.


THE SUNBEAMS: Ages preschool to adolescent are given lessons on character and integrity using Bible stories and present day examples.

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TEEN EXTREME BIBLE GROUP: These teens ages 13-18 are developing by way of learning and speaking the Word of Yah into their adulthood.


 Lady like is a teen program nurturing young ladies between the ages of 13-18. These young ladies are learning how to identify, distinguish, and define themselves in the image of Yah's creation.  Lady Like forum is in a group learning environment that allows for input, insight and growth through Ladybug Team interaction, exhange of ideas, Bible teachings, counseling, mentoring and education. 

His Glory

Pamela Curtis, M.A.T. Teacher Science, Special Education, Administration.

Pamela Curtis is the 'Nurturing Hands' Coordinator and Director of the Youth Sabbath School Program.


To contact Sister Pamela Curtis, please email her at 

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Put Your 'heart in your hands' and help us nurture. . .

Virtual Sabbath School

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