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About G.L.O.W.

Pastor Dorothy Webb, Director of Ministries
Co-Founder and visionary of Guiding Light of Wisdom Ministries (G.L.O.W.)

Guiding Light of Wisdom Ministries (G.L.O.W.) is an outreach ministry based in North Carolina encompassing members across the east coast who come together in-person and via podcast to learn what the bible teaches and instructs about salvation and living holy in an unholy world.  G.L.O.W. emerged from two visionaries – mother and daughter – who began teaching bible lessons in their home, the homes of family members, and other places such as nursing homes, neighborhood communities and anywhere the Word of Yahweh was called to. 


Their visionary efforts were and remains purposed in shining light into the hearts of every soul that desires to hear the truth about salvation and kingdom building.  Since the passing of her mother, Pastor Dorothy Webb, co-visionary, continues to teach and spread the Word of Truth through podcasts, zoom, other tele-devices, conferences and workshops.  G.L.O.W. is aimed at reaching as many people as possible and provide outreach services to individuals and families needing help dealing with everyday life and the many challenges it brings even to believers. 


G.L.O.W. Ministries is encouraging hope through the scriptures and teaching practical life skills to believers, helping them to help themselves to a better way of life in the Messiah, Yahshua.  It is through the work of the Elders (see Elders below), Prayer Warriors, Iron Men, Facilitators and all the Helping Hands that we are able to accomplish the work Yahweh has called us to in Kingdom building.

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The Elder Board



The Board of Elders at G.L.O.W Ministries while supporting our pastor in the vision of the ministry, are commissioned to preach, teach the glad tidings, pray for our sick, visit the sick and shut-ins, and reach our hurting people with compassion and encouragement. 

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